Marriage is a sacred institution which ideally needs to be preserved. Mutual love, respect, trust and understanding is necessary for a healthy marriage. Divorce is an end of commitment and involves pain, insecurity and unpleasantness. In ancient days, it was a utopian society where divorce was an alien concept, however due to the changing scenario of modern society; it is observed that the divorce rates are unfortunately increasing due to a number of reasons. More and more young couples are approaching the court of law.

The conflict needs to be handled in a positive way. The common source of conflict in a relationship is finance. In India, marriages are governed by personal laws based on custom and religion. Laws are also made for intercaste marriages, under special marriage act. Earlier these matters were handled by the city civil court, however due to increase in number of cases, Family courts were established.

If all the modalities have been worked out, and there is no scope at all to salvage a relationship, then it is in the best interest for the relationship to end up, and there is no point in saving the relationship, which is going to a point of no return. Don't get carried away by what others say or think as it is not their happiness which is at stake. It is important that one be transparent to a lawyer and informs him about all the relevant aspects that has led to the fiasco. If you have ultimately made up your mind, you should be prepared to face the challenges associated with the same, and take it in the right spirit. A divorce lawyer needs to be receptive to the feelings and emotional turmoil that one undergoes during this sensitive phase of life.