Description: Lawyer

May you have some relevant facts about myself because it is your prerogative to know my credentials.

Did my graduation in Law from Mumbai University and stood First class in all the three academic years of Law . Stood ''First in my college" during my Final year LLB, and was awarded as the ''Best Disciplined student of the year", I also did my masters in indian laws. Also hold a additional professional degree.After gaining the required expertise in Divorce matters, I take care of this specilaized area of law.

Area of practice:
     * Life member of Bandra Family court.
     * Area of practice: Only Divorce cases.
     * Indian and NRI Divorce litigations.
     * Facilitate Mediation and Settlement process.
     * Matrimonial laws/ Divorce laws/Family law.
     * Filing of Mutual consent divorces-    (Kindly note in Mutual consent divorce, one lawyer can represent both the parties)
     * Contested divorce petitions.
     * Pre and post marriage counsellings

Academic Achievements:
1. Stood First class in all the three academic years of Law.
2. Stood First in College in Final year LLB.
3. Awarded with "Best disciplined student" of the year in Law.
4. Stood First in Mumbai University in LLM.
5. Felicitated by University of Mumbai for Meritorious Achievement in Master of Law.